Android Testing PC Suite for App Developers

If you have been getting into developing your own Android apps, then a good PC Suite to take full control of tester phones is a nice thing to have. You need to have full control to see how your app is doing in a live environment. Being able to connect your tester Android devices to a PC and do things like batch installs and debugging are nice features to have. There is just so much to consider when developing any app. If you make an app, you want it to run flawlessly. The only way to get even close to that is to test it on a lot of new and older generation phones.

You could plug one tester phone after another into your PC running a good PC Suite of Android testing and control apps. I like ones that let me record not only screenshots but also screenshot videos. Batch install of apk files is also nice. This lets me check out app stability on a lot of tester phones very quickly.Full debug capability lets me see what is going on in the app from the PC.

I can tweak an apk and reinstall it and run it to see if I have fixed the issues without having to go back and forth from the computer to the phone I am testing on. You need to do all this before you let your first release of an app go into the wild. You can get away with a lot more bugs in Beta, but once you let that first version go live, you better have your ducks in a row for as many devices as possible that the app is designed to run on. Having a nice PC Suite that gives you fast and full control makes the job all that much easier.