Do You Need SEO Services?

Do you have a company? Is your website not generating the traffic that you thought it would? Do you want your website to be ranked higher in search engine results? If any of that applies to you then you probably need some form of SEO services such as plastic surgery SEO. Now you need to know where to begin, where to look, and what to look for. Well this article is aimed at teaching you those very things, so go ahead and keep on reading to find out more information.

So where to begin? Well, that depends on what kind of business you run, For example, say that you are a plastic surgery doctor looking to get more clients, well you would first want to look for a SEO company that has either done plastic surgery SEO in the past or something in that same general field. Another big thing that you will want to take a look at is exactly where their site is ranked at by the search engines. If they are not able to rank themselves well, then chances are that they will not be able to rank your site. So keep these things in mind when you begin your venture of hiring a SEO team to help rank your site.

By far the easiest SEO companies to deal with provide more than just the basics. It is so much easier to have the same team handle your website design, logo design, your branding and everything else. This ensures that all of these facets of your site are cohesive and work well together. It also makes it easy to get updates on what is happening and how everything is going. Before you pull the trigger, do a little shopping around, get some quotes, this will make it so you get the best deal possible.

Android Testing PC Suite for App Developers

If you have been getting into developing your own Android apps, then a good PC Suite to take full control of tester phones is a nice thing to have. You need to have full control to see how your app is doing in a live environment. Being able to connect your tester Android devices to a PC and do things like batch installs and debugging are nice features to have. There is just so much to consider when developing any app. If you make an app, you want it to run flawlessly. The only way to get even close to that is to test it on a lot of new and older generation phones.

You could plug one tester phone after another into your PC running a good PC Suite of Android testing and control apps. I like ones that let me record not only screenshots but also screenshot videos. Batch install of apk files is also nice. This lets me check out app stability on a lot of tester phones very quickly.Full debug capability lets me see what is going on in the app from the PC.

I can tweak an apk and reinstall it and run it to see if I have fixed the issues without having to go back and forth from the computer to the phone I am testing on. You need to do all this before you let your first release of an app go into the wild. You can get away with a lot more bugs in Beta, but once you let that first version go live, you better have your ducks in a row for as many devices as possible that the app is designed to run on. Having a nice PC Suite that gives you fast and full control makes the job all that much easier.

When Humans Are Replaced by Software

There’s always going to be a need for freelance transcription service talents; I’ve been in the industry for nearly ten years working as a freelance contractor with three years before that working for a company who transcribed video content for a wide variety of clients. Everything from celebrities to politicians used their service so I grew accustomed to being able to provide high quality content and ensuring that my transcription services were near verbatim for what they were looking for. My favorite sort of transcribing is being given freedom to write up a summary analysis that provides my client with a contextual narrative for the data. Summary transcription services, monitoring when and where a product or a name appears within hours of video or audio data is most often where this is required. While I may not be a professional analysts, I do have a good eye for observing patterns – especially when you’ve been monitoring them for the last twelve hours.

I can pump out at least thirteen hours worth of recorded data within an eight hour window. I spend the next hour or two going over everything that I’ve transcribed to make sure that there were no errors in spelling or false identification of a product. I’ve yet to have a client complain to me about the quality of my work and I take great pride in being able to provide this important and unique service to my clients. I do fear that the most basic of audio transcription services will no longer be conducted by humans. I use software that helps me pick out keywords and I’ve seen what it can do if I let it record freely. While it doesn’t organize the data in a way that a human would, it does catch quite nearly everything.